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Native American Flute Music & Artwork

If you are lucky enough to discover the peace and tranquility of Satwiwa, you may also be lucky enough to hear the flute music of Eric “Medicine Wind” Alvarado. Eric Alvarado comes from Arizona; his ancestry is Hopi from the 2nd Mesa. He owns many flutes of different tone and character, and can bring them all to life as a highlight to the beauty and splendor of Satwiwa.

Alvarado is also a multi-talented frame maker. He designs and constructs custom-made, one-of-a-kind, frames that enhance paintings, photos, prints and posters. Each individual piece is painstakingly constructed using his diverse talents in wood design and construction, polishing, beading, and the gathering and mounting of three-dimensional decorative embellishments. Occasionally, he finds time to do commissioned work using elements of Native American themes and materials approved for mainstream sale and commerce.

However, most of his work is non-commercial and is not sold on the open market as these precious pieces are made from traditional materials, such as eagle and hawk feathers, horse hair, animal skins, and items that are used only for Native American ceremonial purposes. Drawing upon the strength of Grandmother Earth, his traditional work enhances the beauty, balance and sacredness of all life. These pieces are traded strictly between Native American Indian people according to the laws that restrict the sale of such items for the protection of cultural identity and sacred observance. Sometimes, he brings samples of his work to Satwiwa, so you may get lucky, if you come to visit when he is here!

Please be sure to check our Satwiwa calendar for Eric’s scheduled weekend flute performances. Rumor has it that he may be cutting an album soon! Be sure to check with us often, and come enjoy the flute music of Eric “Medicine Wind” Alvarado.